I was diagnosed last night

I was diagnosed last night and I feel relieved but also very overwhelmed.

I cannot help but feel a little like an imposter, has anybody else felt in a similar position?

  • I was unexpectedly diagnosed yesterday!  My assessment was a week ago and I wasn't expecting to hear anything for another couple of weeks so when I got a call from the psychologist I assumed she just wanted to check something - or send me another supplementary test.  But no - it was to tell me that I am autistic :-)

    My immediate reaction was to feel ecstatic - and also like you I felt relieved (and vindicated).  But today I felt a bit more uncertain about what it might mean for me - and chose not to tell some friends at work. 

    Its early days yet - and I guess for any of us it'll take some getting used to?  I'm hoping joining this and other forums it might help me make more sense of it all. 

  • Congratulations on your diagnosis!

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