Hello, help/advice/coming to understand myself and ASD

Hi all,

I've literally just joined this site, as I've realised that I can read lots and lots of things about AS, but to really help me understand it and how I am with AS, I should speak to others who have the same experience. 

Background: over the past few months, I've been having relationship therapy with my wife. Both of us are in our early 40s, and we have a 3 year old son. Quite early on in the therapy sessions (I think we're about 8 sessions in now), the therapist asked me about AS and if I had been diagnosed. I was mildly surprised at this (although my wife had joked about this in the past with me - saying I showed very autistic tendencies), but the therapist pointed me to a website called aspiestest, and I completed all the tests on the site (I think there are roughly ten there). The vast majoroty of results showed I was definitely not in the NT category and definitely displayed a lot of AS tendencies. I've since contacted my GP (took forever as they only allow phone appointments and it's hard to wait by the phone when you're working full-time and are in meetings most of the time!) and she immediately agreed - once she'd seen the test results - to refer me to an adult AS diagnosis team in the NHS, which she said would take around a month for them to contact me. 

I guess I'm not really sure what questions I have, but I'm still attending the relationship therapy with my wife and I think it's becoming apparent that my AS (we're all pretty sure that I do have it, despite not yet having an official diagnosis) and I really, really want to understand diagnosis and how I can understand it in terms of myself, my marriage and life in general, as it appears there are large 'gaps' in terms of emotional responses (and shutting down in stressful/agrument situations), paying compliments (and taking them), making affirming statements, etc I just don't get - and I'd desperately like to be able to, not just for myself, but for all of those around me.

Hope this makes some sense - I'm quite anxious even writing this!