Hi, I have a 20 year old son with high functioning autism. We have our good and bad patches. He left home 10 months ago and lives an hour away, sofa surfing with people he's met along the way. He's struggling to work due to anxiety

My sons anxiety is preventing him from being able to work and engage in life. When he tried to get help from his GP and asked to go back on meds for his anxiety he was given a talking therapy leaflet. Tonight he had a wobble and called the surgery and they promised to call back which they didn't and obviously he expected the call. I'm at a loss as to how I can help him, he refuses to return home or any where near home, I feel so helpless. In the past he's had bad meltdowns and called me to help him, I'm so far away so I called his local mental health crisis center, they couldn't help because he wasn't known to them and told me to present him to either A and E or the police. I need guidance please on how I can help and support my son