Hello My name is Katy. 

I am 37 years old, live on my own,  but near my sister. 

I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I have been to speak to 2 doctors this year. 

I suspected there was something not quite right a few years ago. Especially at work. 

It came to light, when I was talking to my sister, about what someone said at work. She admitted to me that she kind of suspected I was on the autism scale, because she had notice somethings.

I read up on it and with my sister's help I realised I have some traits. 

I don't like social interaction much, I feel like an outsider, never know what to say or how to keep a conversation going. 

Some facial impressions allude me too, like I never know if someone's being serious or not. 

I don't like things being changed suddenly, I need plenty of notice. My ears can be sensitive. 

I found people get bored with me when I'm talking or I get talked over. 

I get confused when someone says one thing and another person changes it, I get quite anxious. 

I do haves things I like just right like my morning and night routine. 

The doctor recognised I might have had ADHD a a child he things I am on the autism scale but not sure where. 

I'm just waiting now. For an answer.

Anyway the fun part over!! 

I am a chef, but have struggled progressing, because I'm not assertive or strong enough!

I enjoy music, reading, walking and dancing. 

I joined here to try and figure out who I am and speak to people who have been diagnosed. 

  • Welcome aboard Katy.  You're lucky to have someone supportive, it sounds like you have a great relationship with your sister.  Have you been referred for assessment yet?  I found my doctor to be quite dismissive, he said something like "in my day some people were 'just a bit odd'" lol, but to his credit he did refer me, albeit out of the blue after leaving me thinking I'd wasted my time.

    I think the main benefit I've had from getting diagnosed was just forgiving myself for being me, if that makes sense.  Learning to accept the deck is stacked against you in many areas of life.

    Anyway, good luck to you and I hope you find what you seek here.

  • Hello, 

    When I first went to the doctor's, they didn't know what to do, but they referred me almost straight away and I had my sister there. Then I waited a month or so then got asked back for more questions with a different doctor. Who thought I had ADHD as a child, and thinks I am on the spectrum, either very mild or I'm very bright and hidden it. 

    I haven't heard anything since. I know it will take time. 

    It will be nice to figure out who I am and why I struggle with things. 

    Thank you very much :)

  • Welcome, Katy!

    I’m 37 years old too, live on the sunny south coast in Dorset, and was diagnosed just over 7 years ago. My diagnosis definitely helped me make sense of myself and past misunderstandings, but I’m still learning how to construct a life around what works best for me. Internally, a lot changed for me, but outwardly my family, friends and colleagues all still treat me like a neurotypical and expect me to behave accordingly. It’s only very recently that I’ve come to realise I need all that to change too.

    I hope you find lots of support and answers here. Everyone is really friendly and knowledgeable, and you can ask about anything and everything as people are always happy to share their experiences a wisdom. Xx

  • welcome Katy,

    I am on the spectrum as well. Feel free to take part int eh forumns here start in autistic adults and general chat or if u see a thread that interests u. There are loads of people in here. Even start a thread of ur own about something u want to talk about. Ask as many questions as u can ! 

    have fun


    u love animals, right ?

  • Hello

    Than you and yes like animals

  • Hi, Katy. Welcome to the group.

    It sounds like we have a few similarities in terms of autistic traits, and in terms of hobbies (I love music, reading and walking too... although I'm not a good dancer!).

    I'm also waiting for my autism assessment. They sent me some ADHD questionnaires as well, so I'm not sure whether I'm being assessed for both. I suppose I'll find out at some point. 

    Hope you find the forum helpful :)