Hello My name is Katy. 

I am 37 years old, live on my own,  but near my sister. 

I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I have been to speak to 2 doctors this year. 

I suspected there was something not quite right a few years ago. Especially at work. 

It came to light, when I was talking to my sister, about what someone said at work. She admitted to me that she kind of suspected I was on the autism scale, because she had notice somethings.

I read up on it and with my sister's help I realised I have some traits. 

I don't like social interaction much, I feel like an outsider, never know what to say or how to keep a conversation going. 

Some facial impressions allude me too, like I never know if someone's being serious or not. 

I don't like things being changed suddenly, I need plenty of notice. My ears can be sensitive. 

I found people get bored with me when I'm talking or I get talked over. 

I get confused when someone says one thing and another person changes it, I get quite anxious. 

I do haves things I like just right like my morning and night routine. 

The doctor recognised I might have had ADHD a a child he things I am on the autism scale but not sure where. 

I'm just waiting now. For an answer.

Anyway the fun part over!! 

I am a chef, but have struggled progressing, because I'm not assertive or strong enough!

I enjoy music, reading, walking and dancing. 

I joined here to try and figure out who I am and speak to people who have been diagnosed. 

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