Hi, newbie here.

Hi everyone.

Where to start..... I am a Mum of a Non-binary 14 year old. We are just at the beginning of our diagnosis journey. To be honest it has hit me like a tonne of bricks. I had never considered Autism may have been behind the 'quirky' behaviour. As a single Mum for over 10 yrs of their life we just muddled along and we have been able to create strategies to prevent meltdowns and stressful situations. I really didn't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary.

It wasn't until we moved in with my partner and my child had to move to a new school that anything was picked up and the new school and the Drs have been super supportive. 

Now I know that they are getting help, that's great, but I also have suddenly been made aware of how hard things have been for them and how exhausting everyday life can be. I just feel totally overwhelmed and just want to be able to chat to people who have some knowledge and experience.

I am realising now how much this has consumed me as this is meant to be an introduction of myself and all I have spoken about is my situation.

Finally a bit about me...

I am a charity worker who helps more vunerable parents get back to work. I am passionate about helping people. But I am particularly rubbish in asking for help and support myself. 

I look forward to chatting and learning and supporting within this community.

Take care

  • Welcome Mooom,

    Glad to hear ur child is getting good support. I have ASD/ASC myself I am not a parent ( this may change ) of a spectrum person myself. There is a parents and carers forumn thread as shown below. Have a look in there and just dive in and reply to the treads there or anywhere really.

    welcome and enjoy


  • Hello and welcome to the forum,

    You and your child may also like to check out the autistic women and non-binary network.


  • Hi - welcome to the group. I'm awaiting my autism diagnosis at the moment. You might find Purple Ella's YouTube videos helpful - she's an autistic adult, but is also a parent to autistic children, one of whom is transgender (I know transgender and non-binary aren't the same, but she does have experience of being mother to an LGBT child).

  • Welcome to the forum! I am diagnosed with ASD myself and my youngest daughter, who is 2 is also diagnosed with ASD. How far along the diagnosis journey are you?