Hello and relief

Hello. I am new here, mum of a 4yr old boy recent initial Autism and SPD diagnosis. It was like getting a massive hug when we had diagnosis as I have been asking for help and advise since he was 6 months old. It’s such a relief, Some friends think it’s strange that I’m happy about it, I know it will be a long tough journey for all of us but I am happy it’s not all in my head and I’m not a bad mum of an unruly child, I’m a good mum of a struggling child which didn’t help initially as I coped and catered his needs.

What gave me the most smiles in his diagnosis was when the paediatrician asked if daddy minded if she put ‘father also Autistic’ in the notes. So I guess we had a BOGOF deal on diagnoses. It’s kind of obvious with my husband really, really good software developer and like living with Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

i am open to any ideas on helping my boy through his journey, especially school. I am OK with just getting frustrated with hubby.