Diagnosis has happen after 6 years - now I am struggling

Hi All

I'm new to this group.  My son, 11 years old, has been struggling for years, since the start of school.  We have been through all the usual, bad behavior, separation issues, Leaving paternal parent, diet, lack of sleep........ We fought and fought to get an assessment and it has come back with a clear diagnosis, which we had not doubt of...... We suspect PDA but cannot get this diagnosed of course, but have the ASD with traits of ADHD diagnosis.  

My problem is, now that we have it, I am starting to panic.  We have been using PDA strategies for years with good results, we have been doing everything as if we had already had a diagnosis.... So why now am I close to melt down??

My son is happy, high functioning and we have it all under control (yes, i am laughing in my head too) but all of a sudden I am thinking, what if, what will happen, what about the future....


Has anyone else felt like this???


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