Hi blue collar aspie here


Just thought I'd say hello. I'm not actually officially diagnosed but I've known for quite some time that I'm on the spectrum. I know because of the way I live my life, I don't mix well with others and I prefer to be on my own with my interests. I like History and the sciences, all of them, ha! I have an 8 year old with the condition as well, luckily she's getting the help at school which wasn't there when I was a kid and she's so far doing well, science in particular. 

I'm currently struggling with a low wage manual job in a refrigerated warehouse, the main problem being getting on with the lads in there. Not that it's their fault really we're just, in cerebral terms, differently orientated. 

Just here to see what's going on really maybe pick up some pointers for getting through and improving things, thanks 

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