Hello to everyone :)

Just to introduce myself

I'm a suspect aspie, I'm later in life finally fitting the pieces to my disastrous life together, because there was no such thing as Asperger's when I was a child. As being an only child thought my shyness to social events was due to that.

In school I was last picked for games teams, id rather play alone hopeless with multiple playmates, picked on in secondary school constantly. Shy with the opposite sex until I developed an alcohol problem to cope with social situations which gradually destroyed all of my relationships.I have always been an alternative soul, a mod as a teenager with a scooter and parka but couldn't fit in, moved on to be a biker but never fitted in in those circles either, so No friends acquired during my 50 odd years of life. Well \I did have a trusted mate after 30 years he sadly passed away suddenly with a heart attack 6 years ago which was devastating to me as he was like a brother I never had. :/

On a positive note due to work place bullying (I was a factory maintenance fitter) at every workplace I had enough and decided to build my own workshop to blow glass at home about 10 years ago. because of meltdowns and finding it difficult to make friends my amazing fiancée suggested I take an asbergers test and I scored pretty highly. I have seen my gp and hes put me forward for a formal assessment.

I never had a clue I was in the spectrum.

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