i have asperger's syndrome.

i am 31 years old.

i feel disconnected and alone.

  • To NAS61655... You are not "alone", of course. And You are certainly not "disconnected". That you Post here, means that you have purchased technology from another person, and that you have Internet Access.

    However... To gain answers a bit more helpful than mine there (!), try Posting a Topic of conversation, something to initiate common interest. Just one subject/hobby will suffice. You can also change the title of your Thread from just the word "new", to something a bit more deserving of your own courage in being able to start a New Thread about anything at all, certainly. (Lots of people come here and do not dare to start a New Thread at first, including myself!)

    I only Post here because I just happened to gain chance to Log On, (at <>3AM!) and I see that no-one else has Posted anything. Here. In 8 Hours. And that is like...What...? (I often ask this more than anyone else, it must be bad -- can someone else Post something better here, please??)

  • Hi

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you’ll feel less disconnected here. Are you feeling disconnected from self, the world, or both? 

  • Hi NAS61655 :) I think we all feel like this from time to time. I even feel invisible sometimes, as if I've stopped existing and no one can see me. Its an odd feeling as if im floating above myself. Supposedly this is related to sensory overload but who knows.  As explained below, try reading and contributing to the discussions on these forums. It's really helpful to know there's other people out there that are similar to you. If you're feeling brave, give a go. There's local groups on there for all sorts of things. I've not had the courage to go to any yet but that's one of my goals this year!