my name is Danny, people call me Gumball I’m 27, turning 28 in March. I got my diagnosis a few days ago. Feeling both relieved and anxious. 

A little about me, I’m a programmer I work with my older brother on Websites for a company we founded a few years back. I also work on some game development in my spare time, when I’m not gaming myself.

before my diagnosis I had tried everything to “fit in”. After an attempt at suicide I feel deeper into the monster grasp and started to drink, heavily along with over eating. My family found the scars on my arms and it was anti-depressants for me. Of course that did not work.

i finally got an assessment and here I am. The apparent next step in evolution. Feeling better and now the cost of finding out why I was always different has cost me my teens and my twenties at least I’m still alive!

i have a strong close family along with a new sense of life. I’ve still dig myself into a hole but now that I know, I think I’m ready to live a life and not just exist!

Ive also got dyslexia too, so, ya!

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