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I'm Andrew. We have a son Arthur, 6, who has an ASD diagnosis. He loves being read to in the evening and it's a really good way to get him to sleep. Since starting his first really supportive school only this year, he has made encouraging progress with his speech. We're so grateful to the school, that we have put together a YouTube channel for his school. It only has a few stories on it at the moment, aimed mainly at younger listeners. Apparently, if you subscribe and press the bell icon, it will let you know when a new story arrives. We're just experimenting with it at the moment, but aim to add lots of stories to help our kids get to sleep. My wife says I have a nice reading voice. Please feel free to use it. The link is -

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Andrew Pepper

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  • Hi Andrew,

    I had a quick brief look and listen at your School's efforts. Very good effort, I am certain it will be used, I will put it in front of my son who is Severely autistic, but now aged 36, as he uses You tube for cartoons. While some of the Language is not on his repertoire I am assure it will interest some.

    Like Martian Tom, as a word of financial warning, while you clearly name Author, Artists and designer,s etc.You seem to be publishing them in your name on the website as opposed to just Narrating some of them, possible all, as I did not look at everything. I was not certain if all concerned were associated with your school, or have you used already published child books with financial copywrite implications, who's owners WILL come for money as more people log in. Your school will be insured no doubt. but as there is an American "Pumpkin Pie" theme in the first one I would hate to think of you getting Publishers legal letters demanding money for trying to help afflicted children.