Coping with quirks

My husband is going through the autism diagnosis (I’m 100% sure he will be diagnosed, and from what he told me about the interview it’s pretty much a done deal), and he has quite a few things that seem to drive him nuts that I don’t always know about about in advance.

He is freaked out by wet paper, peas, beans, sweetcorn etc. I know of those ones so I do my best to make sure those things aren’t around. Like if there’s a jar in the sink with a label on it, he won’t wash up.

however last night he got all stressed out because I had a glass of water on the bedside table. He said ‘I bought you a water bottle so you didn’t do that.’ And I dropped a plate the other day and now he’s saying I’m a fire risk because I spilled some water in a laptop 2 years ago...

i love him to bits but it’s pretty confusing.