Adult assessment - still waiting after over a year, any signposts to affordable private testing?

Hi, I saw my doctor over a year ago and asked about ASD testing. I had  been in a relationship with someone with a diagnosis, who suggested that I might also be on the spectrum. After many years of struggles with anxiety, depression and ocd, and having great difficulty fitting in, often misreading social clues, having certain somewhat obsessional interests, and being really sensitive to environments, and feeling excluded, thought this might make sense. Did a screening test at the gp's on which I scored quite highly, but as it's taking so long would like to find out about testing privately. I'm keen on reliable and accurate testing - through my experiences with my daughter's struggles with camhs (she was diagnosed with ADD at one time) and their need to not diagnose anything - as this requires extra funding for extra support - I'm wary in case anything like this exists with adult testing. I just would like to know and trust the result. Any thoughts would be helpful, thank you.