Hello all, I am new here

Hello all

It was suggested by my Counsellor that I should join an Autism Forum as she believes I need to have contact with people who understand what I am going through since I have difficulty dealing with people on the whole.

I was diagnosed with Aspergers in January 2016 at the age of 50.

I have struggled my whole life especially with human contact and luckily the Counsellor I was seeing in 2015 had worked with Autistic Adults in the past and picked up on various traits during my sessions, If it was not for her I would still be going around in circles not understanding who I am, why I am able to do the things I can and why I struggle so much with certain aspects of life.

The Diagnosis answered a great deal of questions but it has also raised many others, needless to say I am still learning.

I have sensory sensitivities, especially hearing and sensitivity to bright light.

I can be on the bus with my earphones in listening to music as it help me relax and I am still bombarded with every conversation going on around me.

I also remember every conversation, event etc. that I have ever experienced which can be overload at times and all my memories are forever present as in I do not need to remember anything from my life since every moment of my life seems to be happening now, difficult to explain, sorry.

Time is also another thing that makes no sense to me, as far I am concerned time, as it is, is a construct created by man.

Also, difficult for me is the concept of age, I know technically I am 52 years old, however, I feel all ages at once along with the feelings of that age, so I feel like a toddler, a teenager etc. all at the same time, I sometimes have to stop to realise when I am which is an odd sensation at times.

Anyway I thought I would introduce myself, hopefully the above was not too much.