I am a single mother of two boys 9 and 7. we all are on the autism spectrum, I also have depression, anxiety and was diagnosed with dyslexia. I have just graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance.

How does one get moved to a three bedroom house as my boys are now fighting and noisy neighbours are not helping?  

  • If you are in social housing and it is just you and the boys you don't qualify for 3 bedrooms. As it is deemed the boys can share, 

    However there are several ways to swap mutual exchange being one, register with a site called homeswapper (might be just homeswap)  this allows you to find people who want to move to smaller properties allowing you to move to a bigger one. 

    If the children are seriously fighting you could try applying on medical grounds some housing associations may be open to considering this as having their own space could help with the asd and help you as less stressful environment. 

    With the noisy neighbours speak to your housing association/ council advise them of the problem if you are uncomfortable talking to your neighbours they will help as all tenants are supposed to keep noise at a level not deemed a nuisance. 

    Good luck and sorry I can't be more help