Hello! =0)

Hi folks!

Basically looking for support and advice for and on behalf of my two young adult high functioning sons (22 and 20 yrs old) .

Elder son was diagnosed 10 years ago. He rarely leaves his room, is socially isolated, lost most of his friends,dropped out of Uni and is anxious and depressed. He is awake all night and sleeps all day and doesnt eat properly. He refuses any help offered by various organisations or GP.

Younger son was, finally, (looong story!) diagnosed just two years ago.He is at least working and has a group of friends he's had since primary school but suffers from real social anxiety, depression and has real problems with comminication. He has a support worker but that is due to end in Nov.

Seems theres a lot of support for Autistic children but not a lot once they reach adulthood!

So id be really grateful for any advice and help.

Thanks very much.