Hello All

Hello all,

I am a 54 year old female who got diagnosed with ASD in 2014.  I have unusual interests that are not typical for my gender such as astronomy, space exploration, meteorology, sci-fi and the superhero comic book TV and film genre as I have problems in reading fiction and even as a child I would rather read an encyclopedias and other types of reference books.

Please can any one tell me where I can locate my community profile?

Thank you

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  • Hi Katrine :) It's really interesting hearing about your interests, I also love anything to do with space/science in general. Currently musing over the problem of whether one could get far enough away from earth to look back and be able to see the dinosaurs (etc) or whether it would just be old light, though we can see the big bang so it might be possible, and there's no reason we couldn't one day translate light into images anyway - and obviously the kind of immense telescope all that would require!! It's a silly problem to think about but it would be so cool

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