Awaiting appointment for CAMHS for Asperger’s assessment for my 13 year old son

Hello , I have been waiting so far 4 months for my son to see CAMHS & to ask for Asperger’s assessment for my 13 year old son.

They have simply told me they don’t know when I will get an appointment & if I am extremely concerned to take him to A&E to access treatment quicker.  To me it seems absolutely dreadful that this is the state of play for  13 year old to get treatment etc. We live in Kent so don’t know if it is different elsewhere in the country or the same.  I was also told going private for ASD assessment & counciling might not be recognised either.

It has been a difficult time which has led to me now home schooling my son & I am at home full time with.  It led to me deregistering him from school, ( as would of been prosecuted or fined otherwise as no medical evidence yet to back up ) he just couldn’t cope with amount of people, noise & name calling etc within school. My son has had suicidal thoughts not wanting to be here anymore & has lack of motivation for anything except his obsession with xbox & creating YouTube clips. He has problems socialising, going out places & stimming which he has done since being toddler ( but never thought anything of it then ). He is bright and above average intelligence which I have learnt is common among people with ASD

.As a mum I have learnt alot these last few months & still learning about treatment, diagnosis self help etc. I have a wealth of info from different organisations EHE , Autism society etc.   It is hard and I have had to Push with healthcare system to just get on waiting list to where we are now.. Any advice or support would be greatfully appreciated, I guess you could say I am a mother who is reaching out but just wish the CAMHS appointment would come soon.

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