Hi, my name is Charles and I am waiting for the date for the pip tribunal, like many of us. My story is so similar to many I have read here, totally ignored and scoring 0 points. Mom is collecting reports where she can, doctor etc. Does anyone have any words of wisdom, also is going to write to our MP, any suggestions on how to speak to them would be great.

  • First I recommend searching Pip and ESA because there have been other threads on this topic and if you read them they are full of information. You may be eligible for help from your local Welfare Rights team or get back up from Citizens Advice Bureau. I cannot recommend the website and information for members on the Benefits and Work website.. they have very specific documents on filling in the forms and I think possibly appeals so well worth the membership fee and the advice. I’m using them to help with my latest ESA forms. Remember not just to say what you have difficulty with but how it affects you. You won’t score points just by listing conditions and symptoms; you have to be very detailed, very specific, you have to lay bare everything you can’t do and why ,  I went to tribunal once make sure someone offficial goes with you because you are questioned in detail and they like you to answer not your mum. They will only question you on what you said in your form they don’t allow you to add stuff in afterwards ( I think that’s right anyway). Go through each descriptor and say why you think you should get points for them. It’s hard horrible work and a humiliating experience. Good luck 

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