Good Morning

Hi, I was diagnosed with being on the autistic spectrum two weeks ago after coping on my own for many years, without any specialist support.  I do not expect much support following

the diagnosis except more support at work.  I was given lots of information at the debriefing and advised to come off antidepressants, as I had been on them for eighteen years to

cope with acute anxiety and stress.  I would love to meet up with other autistic people and live in Beaumont Leys on the outskirts of Leicester.  I live alone and am single, work as a teaching assistant.  within a school alongside children with autism, mainly teaching them to read in a secondary school, This can be a very challenging role for someone on the spectrum, two years ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, so my diet had to be changed overnight to a gluten free one, that took me a year to adjust to that and as my old friend said, what's the third thing.  It's good to be part of this forum.  

In my life I  have achieved a lot like a degree in Women Studies with History and can cope with most things in life despite my own fears at times, I feel very lonely at times but have joined a knitting and crochet group, putting up with the noise of happy revellers and am a member of religious organisations as a follower of the Way like the Society of St Francis and the Northumbria Community.  However I do feel on the edge and have trained as a Bard with OBAD, not being part of the  mainstream due  to my difference.  

It's good to be part of this forum.