Looking to make friends


My name is [identifying information removed by moderator]. I am 22 years old, [identifying information removed by moderator]. I currently am from the West Midlands. I am looking to make some new friends. I am generally quite a cheerful and humorous person. I have the ability to somehow, naturally make people laugh, even when I don't intend to. I am quite fond of cats, I have 3 of them. My favourite colour is red. I also like - Cooking, making friends, travelling, genealogy (family history), ICT, TV, eating out and socialising. Is there anyone out there, who are either in the West Midlands, or in my general area. Also, still feel free to introduce yourselves anyway if you want, I don't bite!

  • Welcome and I feel I need to warn you that one of the rules of this forum is anonymity.  This is to protect people who may be vulnerable.

    Otherwise welcome to a friendly forum where most of us share similar life  experiences and give each other advice.

  • Hi Edward, you sound wonderful and I especially like the fact that you make people laugh. Anybody who make me laugh is great to have as a friend in my books. Welcome to our group. I share some of your interests. I’m quite fond of cats, my favourite colour is blue ~ I think , I love cooking and have a passion for nutrition and optimal health. I enjoy making friends, just not the typical nt let’s stay in touch every waking minute type friendships, I love travelling ~ I swear it’s in my blood! Lol! I have an interest in genealogy and started a course at the end of last year where we’re all tracing our family histories and we’re all at different levels. There’s only a few of us so it’s a nice group. I’m not into tv and never have been, I don’t have a tv and rarely watch movies, other than old black and white movies which help me destress. ICT? ~ does this mean computers? If so, I’m not really into them either and neither am I into sociallising, not in the traditional sense anyway. I go on regular (vipassana) meditation sessions which are 12 days long and I go to other Buddhist meetings and meditations, ashrams and retreats etc as well as going to churches and things like that. I love eating out although where I’m currently living, there aren’t that many places I would chose to eat at, but I do like eating out. I love being outdoors in nature, and I especially love trees. Yes, I’m a tree hugger! Lol! I love walking and I’m about to start my preparations for walking the Pacific Crest Trail which stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. I’m planning on it taking me about 6 months. I’m currently living in Yorkshire enjoying a burnout, which I’ve been in for the last 12 months.