New, and does anyone relate to this?

Hi, I've literally only just signed up to this page. I was recently diagnosed with autism last month after waiting 10 years. Along side with autism I have been diagnosed with extreme anxiety, which makes it even more difficult to cope in certain situations. 

I was discussing autistic meltdowns with my close friends who is also autistic, and he was saying to me that he feels helpless while I'm having a meltdown because I don't like being touched or even talked to during it. Does anyone else have this? I know a few autistic people who find it helpful for people to psychically comfort them when they're extremely stressed, but I absolutely hate it and I find it makes me feel even worse. Is anyone else like this? I feel quite alone in this situation.

Thank you :) 

  • I like the term 'meltdown', as that's just what it feels like to me - a nuclear power station reaching critical threshold before KABOOM!

    Alas, in my previous jobs I was just labelled as 'angry', 'fiery', 'moody' or a 'trouble maker' etc etc.

    But the one thing that still surprises me is that on the rare occasion I do get into this very unique mindstate - whereby I crave solitude and sensory isolation - Neurotypicals just can't seem to help themselves. Despite me verbally, repeatedly and vehemently saying I don't want to be touched or engaged, they seem to insist on doing so, to an extreme degree, which only makes me that much worse.

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