Going to see the psychiatrist who I believe misdiagnosed me.

I am a female to male transgender and I have only been living as male since age 14, I am 17 now. As a child growing up female and struggling to fit in anyway I believe I was not identified as a child on the spectrum, despite looking back and recognising many traits and symptoms which showed signs of this. At 14 I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, Mixed Anxiety and Depression Disorder as well as OCD and Adjustment Disorder; all of which show traits of ASD (besides Gender Identity Disorder). 

After years of trying to work on myself with these diagnosis' I have come to the conclusion none of them are fitted to me (again besides Gender Identity Disorder). I visited my GP yesterday with my mother to discuss this and we agreed I should go to the child and adolescent psychiatrist to be assessed and discuss this. However the psychiatrist I will be seeing is in fact the psychiatrist I last saw. At the mental health clinic it has always been about my problems with depression and working towards being a man. But now that I am on the road to happiness, other problems have come forward; such as my issues with social communication and sensory problems (although my sensory problems have always been visible). Me and my family and friends and GP, all agree it is a good idea to be properly assessed. But I am still in great fear of being rejected because of what she diagnosed me with previously. It is very serious for me and I want it to be taken seriously as I don't want to destroy my future with isolation (as I am beginning to) and lack of social skills, because it is beginning to make work hard for me at times when I shut down due to a "sensory overload". I have been putting in research for years; involving the internet, books, my past, other people's opinions and a bit of self-discovery.

I wanted to know if anyone else has had any of this experience? And if everything was okay in the end? I always try to depend on statistics but it's impossible to find statistics on this topic. Please lend an opinion. Thanks.