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My son is 20months old, had a appointment with pediatrician today asked her if im worried about nothing and she said no too many signs, but instead of coming back in 3month can i come back in 4 when hes 2. Im just so sad, sad for my little man that is going to have such a hard life. Im in the unknown, i dont know what to expect? Please can someone tell me? While i see her again i have to see the speech therapist as hes not talkimg he started saying mama then stopped now he only growls. 

  • To clarify, your pediatrician has said that your son has many signs of being autistic?

    My best advice at this stage would be...please don't be sad for your son.

    I'm autistic myself. I can also tell you that you'd struggle to find anyone as happy with their life as I am. Real, genuine, all-encompassing happiness, every moment of every day.

    I'm not saying that there aren't going to be challenges of epic proportions ahead. I'm not saying that your son won't face struggles and hardships. I am, however, saying that you shouldn't assume that 'the unknown' is negative. And this stands true even if your son remains non-verbal. The mind works, even if the voice doesn't, and with love and support he may be as endlessly happy as I am.

    Being autistic does not condemn anyone automatically to a life of unhappiness. Don't feel sad for your son, but happy that the two of you can share in each other's lives.

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