Other asd parents in Wimbledon or SW London

Hi all and merry xmas..

It's a challenge that we all share and talking about it is one way of feeling better. Im fed up with people I know in my life that cant even begin to imagine what an asd house is so its time to connect with like wise families. We live in Wimbledon and desperate to meet other asd parents. I have tried the NAS directory etc with no luck. Can someone advise...

many thanks

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  • Hi there heart_blue, im a wimbledon mum too. I live near the village and would love to meetup sometime and i know how isoalting it can be to be surrounded by ppl who mean well but just dont get it and cannot relate to our everyday struggle and unpredictability. I'm actually hosting a local parent this friday on the 23rd at willow Bough tea rooms if you're interested. Leigh from Champs aacdemy will be coming in to talk about how to help children deal with anxiety and confidence issues and will give us local parents a chance to meet and exchange experiences and valuable insights about current situations and the future! You can call or text me on [edited by moderator] and to know more about the meetup just follow ww.kidsorted.com/merton

    Talk soon.

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