Hi guys,

New to this forum

I am a mum to a 5, nearly 6yr old boy who I am told could "mildly be ASD".

He doesn't yet have an official diagnoses so the waiting game is killing me, but I am sure we will get there eventually! 


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  • Hi there fairyagogo, love the name. Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be a way around the waiting game other than to try and keep it out of your mind. I managed it relatively well until the last two weeks when I thought I might break. But I never, I got through it, and you will too. It’s not easy but it seems to be the way they do it. It doesn’t seem to be like like this so much when people go for a private assessment, but sometimes I understand they have to gather all the info together and come up with the report before they can give an accurate diagnosis. You’re not alone and an early diagnosis is a blessing, so hang in there, you will get there.