Hi Im new to this


I am a worried Nanny

My 2 year old grandson is showing signs of autism and I dont feel like anyone is taking our concerns serious

He isnt talking, he doesnt interact very well, he doesnt like a hug, he keeps flapping his hands, he doesnt respond to you when you talk to him

Can anyone please help and advise

Many thanks in advance x

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  • Hi NAS35244,

    You might want to have a look at our 'Diagnosis for Children' page here on the site, where you can find information about the process for getting an autism diagnosis. The normal way is to book an appointment with a GP who will refer you to a specialist for diagnosis if they believe there are signs of ASD. The link is here: http://www.autism.org.uk/about/diagnosis/children.aspx

    Something you and your daughter can start doing before you see a doctor is to keep a diary of any unusual or concerning behaviour you see in your grandson, so that you have a record when talking to the GP.

    Best wishes,

    Ross - mod

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