New to this and a question about biting

Hi my sons almost 3 and we are in the process of being diagnosed we have had fantastic help from all our local services but one thing we are having huge trouble with is biting. Our son bites out of fustration and excitement and someone times for no reason he is very seansory. He is repeatedly biting at nursery they are being very supportive but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to help he had a "chewbudy" but he does not like it at all becomes distressed when you give it to him. I just am becoming worried he's going to start being known as the child that is horrible and bites because children will just go home and repeadtly say he has bitien them. 

  • Hello Chelsea I too am new here, I used to do that a lot as I was your kids age, (without making my parents sound abusive cause they ain't or weren't) they used to bite me back and punish me like take my lego off me or didn't give me tuck shop money for school, I'd hope giving his age he will grow out of it as I assume most kids do but that's only my opinion.