Recently diagnosed, dealing with flashbacks(?)

Hello. Recently diagnosed (late) and less than 5 people know so far - and my animal.

Deluge of flashbacks from childhood, and not great things I'll just say (traumatic) - the whole flashback thing is new to me. Perhaps triggered by one of the assessment questionnaires - the one that assessment exposure to traumatic events for possible PTSD. It made me realize how many times some things occured. I don't have PTSD, tho, despite the score, which is good.)

The flashbacks are really inconvenient and keep occuring so it looks like I have to get help for that now too. For someone who never thought to get help and never realized i wasn't "neurotypical" (<--new word) - it's a lot to process.

Is it because my mind NOW understands why/how  those things could have happened, so it's causing me to remember them so I can process them in light of the diagnosis?

DID/does ANYONE ELSE deal with the flashback thing after the looong assessment process? 

- Amber

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  • Yes, every hour nearly, it is painful and hard to cope with. I have just had the diagnosis and its like my brain has gone into overtime trying to help me understand and make sense of so much

    I have been told it will calm down but will take time

    I can't wait, its exhausting

    Hope it calms down for you soon too

    As if we don't have enough to cope with !!