Feeling left out

I'm Jess and I'm 16 and in January I found out I have aspergers. I find social situations really really stressful and they make me really tired which gets mistaken for laziness. It makes me nervous about everything on social media and I just feel like I'm being left behind in my teenage years. I'm considered a weirdo because I'm quiet and shy so I'm not invited to any parties, not that I would actually go because I would rather curl up with an Enid blyton than go out and party but would just like to be asked at least. I'm going back to school soon and I'm having sleepless nights worrying about the social side like lunchtimes. Does anyone have any advice ? I'm just sick of being so anxious about what people think and. It understanding sarcasm or what they are talking about. It makes me feel so isolated and alone. It's horrid. X

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  • Hey does your school have any lunch time clubs? Or a place where special needs people go? My high school has a place where people with learning disabilities went to if being outside got to much, although I never went there I occasionally went to lunch time club where we got to use the computers. 

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