As I recently discovered that I am autistic and lights have always been a problem for me, I would like to get sunglasses and wear them everywhere.

Do you wear sunglasses indoors?

Where would be the best place to get them? I do not like shops and meet strangers, so the best way would be online.

If, I buy them online how can I know that they will fit me?

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  • I too have a problem with lights, and I always wear shades outdoors. I also wear them in supermarkets because their lights can be glaring. I think it's a good plan for everyone to wear them outdoors as the UV light from the sun can damage the macular at the back of the eye which can lead to serious ere problems in later life.

    It's also a good idea to wear them when exercising outdoors, especially cycling, as they offer some protection from things that might cause eye injury. 

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