Worth diagnosing possible Asperges

Hi there, I am 16 and am not diagnosed with autism. Some friends of mine, in a nice way, suggested that I have some asperges traits in a mild form and so I went to my medical centre at my school and they gave me a document on asperges but said they didn't know much about it. I do not know if it is worth me going for a diagnosis, as I have many asperges traits (to a noticably smaller degree then people who I meet who are aspergers) but i dont have quite a few.

For example I do like things to have a very set ruitine, and I do everything in the same order in my day when I can, I resist change when possible. I am not rude but very blunt, I am apparently not that tactical in how I say things. I am not emotionally affected by others feelings much at all. I am not that good at reading people who aren't my family. I have a high IQ (137) and am very high acheiving in mathematics and when I do maths I focus in on it very strongly and everything else fades away (I also don't like many other subjects at all, if any). I hear things when I am focusing, and am extremely easily distracted by things when working, I find this annoying when doing exams.

However, I do not have issues socially. I am fine at making friends and I don't make many enemies either. I am not noticably clumsy.I woudlnt say I take criticism personally, usually I am impartial to it and I am not that affected, although I wasn't always that way. I hate small talk and I find my thoughts being bored and drifting away from it when I am caught up in it (The kind of drifting of thoughts that happens with tiredness or boredom), however on the contrary I can do small talk and sustain a conversation if I need to.

My parents did not think I was autistic or asperges, but a few friends have pointed out mild traits. I wanted to know if it is worth going for a diagnosis if I am really unsure as to if I am mildy asperges or if I am not and just have a collection of aperges-like personality traits. I would really apreciate your comments.

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  • Hi there thanks so much for your help.

    It seems we share many similar traits in the way of being polite yet speaking our minds. I wouldn't say I have ever been as extreme as havung things in right angles/parrallel, but I do have a tendency to organise things maticulously. I was really into rock collecting and bird watching when younger, along with other collecting/identifying hobbies, these have also in time been substituted for the desire to intake knowledge.

    Thanks for the advice on keeping a list of traits, I'll make sure to do that. I completed all these tests with the following scores:

    AQ: 33

    EQ: 17

    Facial Recognition: 13

    How would these be interpreted and are these scores enough concern to go see a GP about? I am unsure whether it is nothing as my family never spotted anything and I can socialise, but I am unsure.

    Thanks again!

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