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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, have been meaning to register on this site for a while but never to seem to have the time (2 children plus work from home!). Anyway, I'm here now and am really pleased that there is a forum for us all to chat :-)

I believe my son has Hyperlexia, he is currently being assessed but the main part of the assessment is not till February. I'm trying to find good rreliable websites/organisations/resources where I can educate myself further. There isn't very much on hyperlexia on this website.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Hope you're all having a great Sunday.

Take care xx

  • Hi everyone! I'm from the US and I came across this site. My son is hyperlexic and I'm working to get more information out there to parents. My son is almost five and if I had known more about HL two years ago, I would have been able to help my son much sooner.  If anyone is looking for information on the subject, please visit our website www.hyperlexia3.com.   We are trying to get resources and information out there for everyone who may benefit from knowing more about this.  We are also on Facebook at hyperlexia3.com and we are in all of the hyperlexic groups there as well.  I know the UK and the US are behind in terms of fully understanding what HL is and I'm hoping to help as many people as possible. THe medical community is many times placing kids on the spectrum without addressing the HL aspect of it when needed.  Thanks for listening (reading)!!    Smile  

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