eating issues

I have a a 12 year old son who has autism and has been diagnosed since he was 6.

He has always been fussy with his food, but just recently we caught him making himself sick on an number of occasions and we know of other times he has been sick many other occasion but we dont know if he has done that himself. He is also very underweight and all his bones are visible through his skin.

We had him back to camhs where we have been told it too early to diagnose anorexia  . Also they said to give him vegetable fats in abundance such as nuts seeds and fish !! not gonna happen !

Just after some advice really or similar experiences

Thanks claire x

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  • Hi Claire

    Sounds like tadie123 has first hand experience and is probably best to guide you on this one.  I just wanted to add that we got a referral to a dietician via our paedatrician and he was excellent.  He did not just give us a diet but he was great at the psychological side of motivating our son to eat the foods we wanted to encourage, advice on supplements in various forms and ways of sneakng them into food and he has a fantastic understanding of ASD.

    Hopefully the one in your area may be similar.  In my totally inexperienced view, I agree with everyone else, let him eat what he wants.

    Good luck, I am sure it will turn out ok with you giving him such great support.



    Good luck.

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