Drinking Alcohol


This is first thing I've written here, please be gentle.

I have used alcohol to cope with my somewhat tumultuous life since I was 25. I'm now in my 30s. 

I have never entertained the thought that I might be on the spectrum until recently (the past year) when, not only my friends suggested it, but also when I tentatively mentioned it and my own brother didn't bat an eye and said "yeah maybe".  

I'm a little shocked and intrigued. I've since spoken to a specialist who just happened to be a friend of my friend - the conversation I had with her felt so relaxed and like a relief. She even said she'd gone through a period of drinking before she was diagnosed.

I'd really be interested to hear if anyone else has had issues with alcohol

It's not really about wanting to drink per se - it's the focus that it gives, and the relief from all the thoughts and feeling uncomfortable. 

To level out this post, I'll also add that I'm a grown woman with values and good cognitive reasoning - I've also achieved good things in my life - but not as many as I intended!!

H x

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  • It takes courage to open up about personal struggles. I can relate to using alcohol as a coping mechanism, especially during tough times. It's interesting to hear about your journey and the possibility of being on the spectrum.

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