I am not an adult but I think I am deservent of help right now. I have many allergies and am a vegan. I refuse to eat most of foods that the rest of my family will eat. There are many things that  I will eat, but my mum is unwilling to pay for them. I just want a healthy diet.  I don't eat nearly as much as I'm supposed to in a  day and for that, I'm feeling really sorry for myself but I don't think I can do anything about it. We have a limited food budget of £60-£80 a week for a family of four and two dogs. She tells me that I'm the one restricting my diet by refusing to eat things, but my argument back is that if she bought what I was willing to eat, I would actually eat. And it's not like they are short on money they are just choosing to spend it irresponsibly. her and her partner will pay allot of money to fund their cigarette, alcohol and snack habit as well as pay for expensive pre-made vegan products 9they are vegans too, mostly, well, they call themsleves vegans but how can they be because they voluntarily eat non-vegan things as well) If they run out of cigarettes or snacks they will drive the car to the local shop which costs allot of money because we live in a rural area. But if we run out of actual food they will say no because the prices are too expensive. I feel neglected in a way but I am being told that it is my own choice and I dont know what to do. Oh, and when we need toiletries they have to come out of that amount as well. And in order to afford things like clothes, we have to take money from the food budget