About Office Birthdays

I wonder how other people have dealt with birthdays, leaving does and other celebrations and people asking for money to fund them and gifts in offices...

I have always seen them as waste of money as I do not tend to go to them and avoid them. I have several times even rescheduled something, taken an annual leave or just went to another floor to avoid the place.

People buy for them unhealth things, like cakes.

I have always hated when people come and ask for money to fund celebrations and gifts in offices.

I have always found these celebrations painful and unpleasant.

Most of the gifts I have ever received in offices I have not liked. I always wonder how people can get gifts so wrong for me.

I also hate to fund gifts for people I do not know.

What do you think about office celebrations?

Do you like them?

  • On a personal level, I hate these occasions. On your birthday you're supposed to bring some sweets, when somebody leaves, traditionally you give 3 to 5 euro for a goodbye card. 

    I tend to look at this as a kind of tax, it's not fun, but it applies to everybody, so why not. 

  • They can be ok.  I typically give a pound for someone I don't know well and as much as ten pounds for someone that I have enjoyed working with if they are leaving or retiring.  It is a small price to pay for fitting in.

    With the lockdown and people working from home, somebody could retire after many years working in an organisation and not even have a leaving do or present.