Sensory issue


I should start this with I have Asperger's and quite severe ADD at 24 (diagnosed at 20).

I'm very supportive of this global movement about #blacklivesmatter and protests but since all social media is being completely plastered with everything it can and 9 out of 10 posts are about the cause, I can't help but feel really stressed and overwhelmed from it all. I feel pressured to be like everyone else but I get a little scared by it all and it's making me very stressed. Not alot of things make me feel like this, I've been completely fine in lockdown as I love to stay indoors anyway. Am I overthinking this or is it effecting anyone else too?

  • Hi

    Sorry you're feeling like this - just be aware that social media is being weaponised - it's very complicated but nothing to do with black lives - that's just the excuse being used right now.

    I'd recommend sitting on the perimeter and not getting dragged into it - one way or another, it will cost you your sanity

    I know a few young people who are being bullied and manipulated and even de-friended just because they won't join in with the mob mentality.  

    Be strong.

  • I wonder if George Floyd as autistic? 

  • I feel stressed and overwhelmed too. 

    I have seen many people, who are incredibly discriminatory turn their social media profiles black, therefore, the hypocrisy of people/the need to follow a trend/how little they understand about equality that leaves me feeling angry and sad.

     Growing up in the 80s it was commonplace to see racist jokes made in sitcoms, so although it may seem like we still have a very long way to go in regards to equal rights, I'm holding on to the fact that a lot has changed already.