Slightly Off-Topic - Dealing with a Cold

I am 'dosed' (as we say in Rural Ulster) with a cold for the past while. However, I manage the condition through tea, coffee and soup. Plus, the occasional honey added to my tea or coffee to heal my throat.

My nan's attitude was to demand an antibiotic for EVERYTHING! However, I am learning new skills through my Internet Buddies.

As an Aspie, I have a low tolerance for having nothing to do. I couldn't stim forever. Time waits for no-one.

  • I am also 'dosed' with a cold at the moment! I find that a spoonful of vicks in a cup of boiled water next to my bed (the boiled water makes the vicks vaporize into the air) at night helps me to breath, and thus sleep better.

  • Get well soon! I find having hot meals and keeping a sports bottle with hourly markings to remind me to take more water helps me get through colds.  

    I feel the same about having a low tolerance for having nothing to do. Time waits for no one is a great saying.