Help advice

Hi I had an incident recently where I tried to put up some posters near where I live in support of the communication workers union what with strikes going on recently

I would be stuffed without postal workers emailed the union to ask if there was any way could help limited atm as physically disabled and autistic but how can I help and they sent me these posters

I went out and put some on post boxes and went to put one in an alleyway of a local building. manager of the bulding well claimed to be came up and said i don't like that on my building i dont do that sort of stuff so I said what you don't do free speech? and he said I don't know but I wont have this and took the poster from me I was putting up. I asked his name where was his 'agreement' showing he was the manager of the property both times he declined to reply and I just said well everyone's going to know about this

I went around the other side of the road to put some up on post boxes and this guy followed me around and said someone else is going to get stabbed on this street. a few days ago there was a stabbing earlier up the road

Has anyone else experienced this kind of behaviour when trying to get out and help the community?

I wrote  review on google about the place and wrote to the people hosting upcoming events there saying this guy doesn't care about the rights of the disabled or making sure postal workers have fair pay and work throw his post in the bin and make sure everyone knows don't hire events at this place and dont deliver his post

Should I tell the police about this?