Accessing healthcare

I feel like I'm at the point with my healthcare where I'm finding everything difficult to assess and understand because of my autism.

Does anyone else get like this/feel like this with their healthcare? The doctors when I ask about a chaperone are always like you can bring someone with you but for someone with autism youre a lot less likely to have someone who can come whos reliable who understands you

Having an advocate is only helpful if their the right one

  • Personally, I haven't had that same experience where things are difficult to assess and understand because of my autism, but rather there have been instances where I have had issues discussing my ailment with the healthcare professional in question. In particular, I find it infuriatingly annoying when they ask you "How long how you had these symptoms?" or "How long has this been bothering you?"  because,as I don't feel I have the best sense of time, I often overestimate how long it has been, or alternatively, I say "I don't know" and the healthcare professional is like "Well then... Just guess" and exactly the same thing happens- I overestimate how long it has taken. From this, however, I have learnt to note down any ailments that I have over the course of when I go to the doctor (because these days it can be quite difficult to get a doctors appointment).

    Personally, however, I think in your situation, you may be best asking around and ask what health care providers have worked for other people and see if the same healthcare provider would, perhaps work for you as well. 

    Hope this has helped- I know it wasn't directly linked to the situation you have described.

    Calvin&Hobbes Fan