Possessive aggressive behavior

Hello everyone, I need a few words of advice if anyone experienced possessive aggressive partner behavior? I'm stuck in a relationship where i'm constantly being blamed for everything, being told i'm worthless and crazy nearly everyday... My partner controls me also, wants to know who i'm seeing, what I spoke about over coffee with my girls, comments on what I'm wearing, hates my family, wants me to stop speaking to my family... He goes cold after arguments saying he can't trust me or that he doesn't feel anything for me. Then after a few days he's being a compleyely different person... Is there any cure for this? Thank you.

  • Apart from just walking away, no.   The repeating behaviour pretty much means that's how it's going to be.   Sorry, just my opinion - which may differ from others.

    While you still have good contact with your family, plan your smooth escape.   It will be much harder when you're isolated.