Forum people wanting to meet you face to face- how does it make you feel?

I get very anxious . I worry intensely as to how I'll come over to them.

  • Anxious. I would never meet anyone I've "met" on the internet face to face. 

    If you do intend to meet someone I would suggest you consider your safety very carefully and discuss having support (probably being accompanied) by a friend or family member.

  • I've never met anyone on a forum face to face either. I would consider making sure that it's in a public area so it would be safer, and probably best if it's a group of people rather than a single one the first time. 

  • Hi, I’ve met a friend from this forum a couple of times. There’s a couple of other friends on here that I would happily meet if the chance ever arose. There is of course always a risk with meeting someone that you’ve met online but it’s a case of managing that risk. With the friend from here that I have met, we met in a public place on both occasions and I made my husband aware of who I was meeting and where I was meeting them. On the second occasion I went with another friend as there were a few of us that met up at the Autism show. It’s a friendship that I hope will continue. If you want to meet an online friend then meet them in a public place and ensure that someone knows who you are meeting and where you are going or take someone with you. If you go on your own then ensure that you have your mobile on you and charged. It’s natural to feel concerned about how you will come across prior to meeting someone that you’ve only chatted with online. If you really want to meet an online friend and you’re really worried about how you would come across then maybe Skype them a few times first? That way you’ll know who you’re talking too a bit better and any worries about how you come across will already have been dealt with before you meet them.

  • I'm happy to meet more-or-less anyone as long as they come across as well-balanced on the forum.   I assume that they will have judged my postings on here and have measured me as 'interesting'.

  • I would say if you have any doubts, don't go, and explain to them that you like chatting but you are not ready to meet.  A genuine person will understand.

  • Personally I wouldn't meet anybody. I have built up a bank of personalities of the people who are common posters here, and due to my lack of imagination, I literally know you all as your avatars. So meeting anybody would probably blow my mind 

    I struggle when somebody has the standard greyed out image and coded username. I see it one collective person.. (not that there's anything wrong with that, anonymity is perfectly understandable).

  • I have now met a few on here in person, not really that anxious except when they are of the opposite sex (sorry ladies but I really am not a dating type person as that fills me with anxiety of the worst case outcome) but meet as a group to protect everyone.

    Fully understand for being on that part of the spectrum/mindset but I cannot fully change the person I am - Treat everyone how I expect to be treated with a bit of banter (oh no I don't, Oh yes I do, lol).