Inappropriate housing causing health problems

Hi I’m new here so getting to grips with the forum but I’m looking for advice.

My partner C, is on the autistic spectrum and has other diagnosed mental health issues and currently no support from anyone besides myself. They were given some help to be able to gain council housing but after that it seems like they’ve been forgotten. The house is completely inappropriate for someone with this disability but it appears they are ‘not disabled enough’ to qualify for much more help. They can’t cope with phone calls/appointments/letters/attending appointments without help and where they are living has constant noise and antisocial behaviour from others, I am quite frankly scared for their safety and well-being as mental health has decreased significantly since living there and they have no options to live elsewhere - has anyone else had a similar issue or could suggest who to get in touch with regarding this lack of care/ finding more appropriate accommodation?

i hope this post is within the rules and thank you for reading

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