Self-Neglect by avoiding going GP, Dentist or seeking medical help when needed.

I've had a long-standing issue with neglecting myself where medical attention is concerned, the last September I had an insect bite which became infected and I let it get so bad I couldn't walk before I sought help for it. I had a toothache for 2 weeks before I sought emergency dental treatment.

I don't like talking to doctors, nurses, dentists or having people get so close to me. I find it quite distressing

So I finally did, over the last 10 months I've managed to embrace and re-connect with the NHS and now avoiding neglecting myself. 

So last week I finally had my first dental check-up in 14 years, I've always hated going because of the who experience of going, I never went once in my 20's, and considering my lack of going I've only gotta have 2 fillings which is a slight relief It could have been a lot worse I think. 

I've finally registered with a GP in Shropshire and my health check-up went well, no concerns health wise. 

Anyone else in the same boat? I often leave it til the last moment before I go seek medical attention. 

Just need to get my eyes tested now and see how my eye sight is doing.

  • I used to be like this. I've got much better at going to the doctors but I still wait a while. Sometimes I worry that it's not really a problem and I'm wasting their time. I do get anxious about appointments but it is easier now that I'm more used to the process. I still put it off until something is really bad though. The dentist I stopped going for a little while but then I needed a filling so now I make sure I go. I have to go to the opticians as I wear contact lenses so that one isn't avoidable.