Periods and sensitivities


I would love some advise,I am a specialist support worker in a mainstream school and I currently work with a recently diagnosed girl aged 12. She has started her periods which are very irregular  the student is incrediable sensitive to her school clothing and certain materials that come into contact with her skin, she is struggling with using sanitary towels and is too young to start using tampon or a cup any advise please on other products.

We have looked at the period knickers and the eco friendly sanitary towels but she is also very unsettled with the sight of her period.

  1. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful as she is so distressed every month. 
  • Hi, just wanted to say I am aware it's not for everyone but I started with tampons pretty much as soon as I started having periods at 11 and my daughter did when she started having them at 13. Lil-lets have very small ones which may be an option?

  • When I was younger I found my periods to be very overwhelming.  Without going into too much detail, the whole thing is a minefield when it comes to sensory issues.

    I hated sanitary products and couldn't use tampons - I only wish they had the knicker options as this could have been an option for me.

    I opted to have the contraceptive injection (not sure if they still offer this) that effectively stopped my periods altogether until I stopped the injections.  For me this was bliss as I just couldn't cope with my cycles and managing things during menstruation.  It could be an option as a last resort.

  • I was advised to start with tampons at 11 and I know of girls of 10 using them. Tampax make a mini one aimed at this market.