Difficulty in giving medicine

Good morning, I registered to this site, looking for advice. Cannot find a previous thread on this subject. 

My Autistic grandson is 7, non verbal and diagnosed with ADHD. He refuses to take medication. Tried grinding tablets into yoghurt, but he quickly realized and is now refusing to eat yoghurt. He now has a sore finger which became infected and is refusing medication. He spits it out  

Any suggestions?

  • Liquid antibiotics hide very easily in banana milkshake if he will drink it

  • Tablets leave a nasty taste. It is bitter and influences the taste of anything. These days you should be able to get syrup/ liquid medication. Often little flavoured. A lot are made especially for babies for instance, and you could try putting those in a milkshake as @NAS39248 suggested or in something he likes to drink. You do need to ask for the liquidy variety though as usually those are more expensive.