I've had recurring strep throat for a long time now, fairly constantly in the past 12 months, antibiotics dont seem to completely kill it off they just reduce the symptoms temporarily, one of the things i did notice was the impact it has on my brain, it makes me foggy, irritable and i can't mask - at all, this fades with antibiotics then as the infection reoccurs the fog descends, when it gets bad i know its time for anti biotics (see this has now become a recognisable pattern).

I stumbled upon a thread on reddit in which someone raised something called P.A.N.D.A.S; Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disease Associated with Strep, the symptoms described massively correlate with what i have been experiencing so i did a bit of digging and its not only a kids thing its also found in adults and quite often with folks on the spectrum.

Have any of you heard of this and have any experience with it, secondly, how can i kill this infection without antibiotics (4 courses in the past 9 months)

Could really do with some input on solving this as the symptoms effectively turn my ASD and ADHD up to 11

I've booked an appointment with my GP for next week, do i raise PANDAS or just ask for antibiotics?

  • It definitely sounds like a good idea to raise the possibility of PANDAS to your GP. They might know more about it and may be able to treat your symptoms properly.

    When taking antibiotics, it may be important to finish the course of the prescription (even if you end up feeling better earlier). The idea is that this will make sure that all the bacteria are fully killed, so it will reduce the risk of the bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotics, as well as stop the infection from returning.